Knock + OneApp Donation Page


OneApp helps families across the US get access to housing by acting as a co-signer. Income, credit, eviction history, debt to income or lack of rental history are the most common approval barriers for renters. At most property management companies these barriers can be overcome by a co-signer. 

OneApp Guarantee receives around 1,000 applications a month to use their service. Unfortunately, only about 25% of those applicants are able to participate.

99% of the time the remaining 75% of applicants are not able to participate due to the upfront cost. Knock + OneApp are working together to not only break down barriers to access housing but keep people in housing. 

Financial contributions from Knock and the multifamily community will allow OneApp Guarantee to offer their very first payment plan option allowing renters to make smaller payments over a series of months until they cover the cost of the OneApp Guarantee fee. If the renter defaults on their payments, instead of putting their lease at risk, our community-raised funds will cover the difference. If the renters are able to make their monthly payments, OneApp can add more renters to this program.


In 2021 OneApp overturned about 2,500 denials and with your help, we are hoping to reach 10,000 this year!

In 2021 Knock internally raised $26k with the hope of helping several hundred families gain access to housing. But we know as a community we can aim much higher so we stretched our goal to helping 10,000 families gain access to housing this year. To achieve this goal we need $200k total in the fund to support payment plans for that many renters. We can’t raise that much alone, so we are asking for your help in fundraising and spreading awareness about this important cause.