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Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance

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Uncover the Top Priorities and Challenges for Multifamily Teams

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Success in Multifamily Leasing Performance

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  • Providing an exceptional renter experience
  • Major disconnects are potentially decreasing performance
  • Hiring and retaining leasing teams is a key challenge
  • How to get teams aligned on the most important goals and metrics
  • Why the vast majority of multifamily teams want better insights

Aligning Corporate and Onsite Priorities

We surveyed multifamily leasing consultants, property managers, and corporate professionals to better understand the perspectives, motivations, goals, and metrics of people who work directly with renters, on the frontlines, and those who work in a corporate office, responsible for front office operations. 

After fielding our survey and reviewing the results, we identified distinct needs and goals for these groups. 



Renters First: Providing an Exceptional Experience Remains Top Priority

Our data shows that renter experience is one of the top challenges onsite teams face. When presented with a list of challenges ranging from “collecting rent” to “using the provided technology,” onsite teams identified as their top two: “dealing with resident complaints” (52%) and “balancing too many tasks” (44%). 

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